ASR 1000 Parameterized QoS

Generally two types of QoS is supported;

  1. Per-Session : Per-session policing is applied to the session, all the data flow. It can be initially applied with subscriber access-accept or later applied or changed via COA. Cisco-Session-Info avp is used for this purpose. Example Cisco-Session-Info=QU;512000;256000; D;512000;256000. Search for Cisco RADIUS CoA Interface Guide, Appendix-A contains detailed information about this attribute. This method means using general policing to all session. You can not prioritize some kind of traffic (voip etc).
  2. Per-Flow : Per-Flow is applied via regular policy-map. QoS policy-map is defined and applied with the following methods : Deploying the Quality of Service (QoS)Configuring ISG Policies for Regulating Network Access

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